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Can technological innovation survive the need to comply?

27th February 2015

Company: Citisoft
As the financial markets continue to strengthen, one might assume that this is good news for technology vendors. When any financial crisis begins, one of the first budget items to suffer is always IT spend. Traditionally, as a recovery gathers momentum, so the technology coffers begin to swell once more. This time around, however, the outlook is a... read more

Q&A Interview: Innotribe explains what it takes to make a start-up successful

27th February 2015

Start-ups often require help, advice and capital to make their product a success and the Innotribe Startup Challenge is the perfect platform to showcase an innovative product to a panel of financial service experts, angel investors, venture capitalists, and leading fintech and financial decision makers. With news that SWIFT is also launching an... read more

China bans US tech companies

26th February 2015

China has banned government purchases from some of the largest US technology firms. A list of approved technology vendors by the Chinese central government, which did not include tech giant Apple or equipment maker Cisco, was obtained by a news agency earlier this week. The vendors have reportedly been removed since Edward Snowden disclosed that... read more

The Blue Oceans of FinTech in Emerging Markets

26th February 2015

Company: Mambu
Emerging markets have, to many western minds, been a place where technology trickles down. For technologies that require heavy capital investments, massive distribution costs and networks, this has and will remain to be true. But being unencumbered by existing infrastructure and customer expectations, the emerging markets also reveal a new... read more

Sensibly Shaking Up FX - We Have Built Our House On Rock

25th February 2015

Company: freemarketFX
freemarketFX is a new currency exchange changing the way companies and High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) handle their currency requirements. We want to shake up the market so the industry can wake up to alternative FX models and benefit from the cost savings offered by peer-to-peer exchange, while operating in a secure, treasury compliant,... read more

Tech companies are finding it hard to retain female talent

25th February 2015

The LA Times reports that tech companies are find it increasingly hard to retain female talent. Two women interviewed by the LA Times said they left their tech positions after over ten years of service and not reaching management level.“Ana Redmond launched into a technology career for an exciting challenge and a chance to change the... read more

Google makes deal with US telecoms companies to rival Apple

24th February 2015

In a bid to rival Apple Pay, Google struck a deal with three major US telecoms companies this week, to pre-install its Google Wallet app on smartphones. The deal includes the purchase of mobile wallet technologies and patents from Softcard, which will be pre-installed on Android phones sold by T-Mobile USA, AT&T and Verizon Wireless later on... read more

Watching the Web: Improving Data Analysis & Dissemination in Investment Banking

24th February 2015

Company: GBST
The banking sector is often a leader in cutting-edge IT. SWIFT established a global financial messaging standard.  High-frequency trading has encouraged technology vendors to keep pushing the limits of their hardware and software. Occasionally, though, our industry trails behind the technological advances we see elsewhere. Since security and... read more

Non-executives could also be held personally liable for reckless financial decisions

23rd February 2015

UK regulators plan to include senior non-executives of banks and insurance companies alongside chairmen in a new personal liability regime to be revealed today. The FT reports that many in the City believe the new tougher regime could prevent able people from taking on senior executive roles in the industry. The Bank of England (BOE) revealed... read more
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