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Self-service analytics: the key to unlocking the value of big data

30th July 2015

Company: Logi Analytics
Today, it’s almost unthinkable that you would run any business without data - even the smallest organisation can easily collect and analyse data to better understand what they are doing well and what they need to change. But data is only one component of effective decision making. Traditional planning, reporting and analysis, such as... read more

Data Solutions and the Goldilocks Principle

29th July 2015

Data: An Embarrassment of Riches Businesses today are swimming in a sea of data. Research reports, financial statements, KPIs, charts and analytics, news, tweets and email messages continuously bombard our devices and desks. According to IBM, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created everyday.  We have no lack of data to tell us exactly... read more

Some of the hottest big data start-ups of 2015

28th July 2015

If predictions are correct, global spending on big data will reach $125 billion in 2015 and so far this year there have been a number of product launches from start-ups that are proving to be extremely hot within the fast growing big data and analytics space. The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe predicts that data growth will be 350... read more

Improving adviser efficiency through analytics

28th July 2015

Given the independent, relationship-driven culture associated with wealth management, formal analysis of wealth adviser performance is often neglected. Advanced analysis of financial adviser data thus poses a huge opportunity for innovative firms to fully utilise all the information they already collect, further drive value in their business, and... read more

Leveraging Technology and Big Data to Improve and Protect Money Transactions

27th July 2015

Company: Trulioo
The raid of a Geneva subsidiary of HSBC in the wake of money laundering allegations is just the latest example of how difficult it is for financial institutions to root out bad actors like terrorist groups, drug traffickers and human smugglers. This isn’t even the first time HSBC has made headlines for problems with money laundering. The... read more

Robo-advisors to invade UK wealth management space

27th July 2015

According to a new report released by Deloitte, wealth management in the UK is being disrupted by robo-advisors as they attempt to remove assets from businesses in the form of client information and algorithms, so that portfolios can be automated according to how the client recommends. In their report “Robo-Advisors Capitalising on a... read more

Big Data: Asking the right questions to turn the challenges of compliance into a competitive advantage

24th July 2015

The idea of ‘Big Data’ is much discussed within the financial markets, as it is elsewhere; particularly concerning how it could and should be used. Yet there remains much confusion and not a great deal of consensus over what “Big Data” truly means, and more importantly what it means for businesses. In the trading world... read more

Santander launches group money management mobile app

24th July 2015

Santander launched a group money mobile app called KiTTi earlier this week, which targets groups of people who want to pool their money for activities such as a holiday, wedding, house-share and sports club etc. “The inspiration is the jar of coins in the pub or the group of university students in a shared house who need to pay their... read more

Flash trading: How modern storage solutions can help financial institutions compete in an increasingly disruptive market

23rd July 2015

Company: Tegile
In the last decade, technology has significantly changed the way financial institutions operate. Where once money had to be physically exchanged for goods and services, it can now be traded virtually via card payments and over the internet using computers, tablets and mobile devices. The volume of digital transactions both online and in store has... read more
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