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Year in review: how the money transfer market changed in 2015

1st December 2015

Company: Western Union
We have seen a defining year for the payments landscape with innovative technologies, consumer demands and digitisation reshaping this constantly evolving industry. Some of the major technological changes I have noticed include the further roll out of omni-channel payment gateways, faster cross border capabilities facilitated by ripple technology... read more

The Antidote to Big Data Challenges and Risks

1st December 2015

Company: Saggezza
In time, data analytics will become a necessary component to every financial institution’s business strategy.  But today, many executives are searching for the cure to overcome some of the potential challenges that come with a data analytics initiative.  Challenges and uncertainties include how to manage the data, how to mitigate... read more

The impact of regulation and technology on the asset management industry

30th November 2015

Despite initial reservations, the banking industry has embraced the digital revolution, meaning that it was only a matter of time before global technology companies, such as Facebook and Google, recognised the potential for disruption in the wealth and asset management space. Asset managers have recently been accused of being too slow to adopt... read more

Double Volume Caps in MiFID II: What are the effects?

30th November 2015

Company: Orc Group
One of the most controversial sections of MiFID II concerns equity market transparency, the so-called Double Volume Caps (DVC) on dark pool trading. The Double Volume Caps aim to limit trading in non-displayed liquidity (i.e. dark pools) by introducing a cap on the use of two transparency waivers, the Negotiated Trade Waiver (NTW) and the Reference... read more

Fintech Investment Frenzy - Funding In 2015 More Than Doubles

30th November 2015

Company: Pivotl IQ
There's fever-pitch hype about fintech at the moment and with good reason. But let’s stick to facts. According to Pivotl data, three quarters of the way through 2015, global fintech investment is already double the total for last year. Traction building in verticals like payments and lending combined with appetite for emerging... read more

Reducing Your Data Breach Risk: a Tactical Guide

27th November 2015

Company: Trulioo
Almost overnight the volume of data in the world has exploded, best illustrated by the popular statistic that over 90% of the world’s data has been generated in the last two years. Accompanying this exponential growth in data comes exponential risks, as witnessed by blue chip organisations such as Blue Shield, Target, Home Depot, British... read more

Bring Back The Listening Bank

27th November 2015

Company: Fidor
If you are British and of a certain age, you will likely remember the Midland Bank and its iconic slogan, “The listening bank”. Repeated in TV commercials through the 1980s, that phrase came to define Midland as the most customer-friendly amongst what were then the Big Four of UK banking. Midland was well-loved - at least,... read more

Ones to watch in insurance technology

26th November 2015

The insurance industry represents a huge opportunity for innovation, and is another area which is ripe for disruption from new competitors. With recent research from CB Insights showing that since 2010 there has been rapid investor growth into insurance tech, with funding into the insurance tech companies hitting an all-time high in quarter two... read more

Why Does a PSP’s Choice of Acquirer determine its Future Success?

26th November 2015

Company: Credorax
The vast and rapidly growing global e-commerce market accounted for $1.316 trillion in 2014, according to eMarketer. Naturally, Payment Service Providers (PSPs) have fared very well in this increasingly dynamic market to date. Whether offering platforms and gateways for receipt of e-payments, supplying tools for dealing with fraud and risk, and/or... read more
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