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Sibos Topic 4: How are corporate treasurer requirements evolving?

9th October 2015

The role of the corporate treasurer has evolved over the last few years and has become increasingly more strategic. With comments from Alain Raes, CEO APAC and EMEA, SWIFT and Peter Wong, Director, PwC Consulting Hong Kong, both speakers at Sibos this year, bobsguide explores how corporate treasurer requirements are evolving and what banks need to... read more

Institutional banks struggle to manage cross-border regulatory compliance and entity data management

8th October 2015

A recent survey commissioned by Fenergo and produced by Aite Group, shows that institutional banks are struggling to manage regulatory compliance and entity data management across multiple jurisdictions.   According to the research, which highlights the challenges capital markets firms face in the current regulatory environment, this... read more

Turning Data Governance into a Sustainable Business Strategy

8th October 2015

Company: AxiomSL
Data volume increases of more than 40% per year mean that, in 2 ½ years, a financial firm will have doubled its data. What other valuable asset does a firm have that grows at such a rate? Data is the lifeblood of a firm – data must flow seamlessly through its products and lines of business, not only to support growth strategies but... read more

Singapore fund managers marketing AIFs in Europe still face a compliance challenge

7th October 2015

Company: Arkk Solutions
The European Securities & Markets Authority (ESMA) recently announced that it intends to extend AIFMD passporting to managers from Switzerland and UK Channel Islands Jersey & Guernsey – but not for now at least from Singapore, Hong Kong, and the USA. In practice this leaves a Singaporean AIFM wishing to market alternative funds in... read more

Sibos Interview: Behind the scenes at Innotribe at Sibos with Peter Vander Auwera

7th October 2015

Behind the scenes, a lot of work goes into make Sibos a success, from the design concepts to the programme, it takes months to put together and is no easy task. For seven years Peter Vander Auwera, the overall Architect and Content Creator for Innotribe at Sibos, has been the creative mind behind the innovative concepts, industry relevant content... read more

2015: A Summer of Geopolitical and Macroeconomic Risk

6th October 2015

As this summer draws to a close it will be remembered far more for the geopolitical and macroeconomic events that occurred than its usual seasonal calendar of festivals, social and sporting events. We have seen: The Greek commercial banking system brought to its knees in the political standoff between the Greek political party Syriza and... read more

Sibos Topic 3: Preparing for a cyber attack

6th October 2015

At Sibos this year, cyber security is a topic high on the agenda. Due to a number high profile cyber attacks over the past year, many firms are increasing spending on cyber security initiatives and are realising that unless they start to effectively protect their company, staff and clients, it is a question of when, rather than if, they will be... read more

Figures show women are better represented on UK banking boards

5th October 2015

A new report from financial services firm Astbury Marsden indicates that the share of female board members in Britain’s banks has risen by over 50 per cent from 2012 and women now make up almost one-third of board members in Britain’s biggest banks. According to the report, UK banking boards, which were only made up of 19 per cent of... read more

The Rising Requirement for Robust Regulatory Reporting

5th October 2015

Best-in-class technology offers the complete functionality to automate data management and reconciliation processes, provide enhanced financial and operational control frameworks, and the capability to meet different regulatory reporting requirements – all underpinned by transparency, good governance and a robust audit trail. This week, I... read more
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