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Welcome to the bobsguide Treasury Management Systems Guide 2015

28th August 2015

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, there are opportunities and threats everywhere and corporate treasurers require innovative Treasury Management Systems (TMS) that enable them to effectively tackle fraud, manage their cash visibility and meet regulatory requirements. For organisations looking at sourcing and purchasing a new TMS,... read more

The future of cash: Quarter of Brits say it will disappear in next 5 years

28th August 2015

New research conducted by Lloyds Bank, shows that a quarter of Brits believe they will be living without notes and coins within five years. The study shows that growing numbers of British people think that contactless cards and mobile payments will be the main method of purchasing good and services in the future and 48 per cent believe they will... read more

Digitalisation Is The New Treasury World, But Has It Really Helped Treasurers?

28th August 2015

Digitalisation is the buzzword we hear everywhere but what has actually happened to significantly reduce the burden on treasurers? Not enough, both technology providers but also advisory capabilities from the banks and different players in the treasury ecosystem have not helped to support enough the view treasurers’ need through a holistic... read more

Hedge Funds Bolster Risk Management: Evolving Industry Demands Scalable, Flexible Infrastructure

27th August 2015

Company: Risk Focus, Inc.
Hedge funds are investing in risk management, stepping up internal scrutiny and preparing for worst-case scenarios. The industry has embraced specialist vendors and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products to help implement state-of-the art system architectures that can meet existing and potential requirements, address burgeoning regulations, and... read more

Top FinTech M&A deals in 2015

26th August 2015

There have been a number of high profile mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the fintech sector over the past few years and reports suggest that after deal volumes and valuations peaked in 2014, this trend has continued into 2015, with this summer in particular seeing a surge in the number of deals. According to a report into M&A activity in... read more

TMS Solutions: The future is Now

26th August 2015

Company: CloudMargin
Treasury departments have always been a staple part of any organisation linking to every part of a businesses’ internal structure; albeit a department that used to carry out its activities unobtrusively in the background. They serve as financial risk managers who oversee business activities and help shield their company from the plethora of... read more

Impact of China's stock market crash on rest of the world

25th August 2015

Chinese stocks fell by 8.5 per cent yesterday, on what is being dubbed “Black Monday” and is the worst fall since the sharp drops faced by US and European markets in 2007. The fall, which many believe is down to China’s slowing growth, impacted the index of the UK’s biggest 100 companies, the FTSE 100, which fell by 4.6... read more

Making the switch from Excel to a Treasury System

25th August 2015

Company: Reval
When is the right time to switch from spreadsheets to a treasury system? How soon can companies see the pay-off? For mid-sized companies, it is sooner than they think. Treasury professionals, particularly in mid-market companies, have to determine when the right time might be for their organisation to take the leap from working in spreadsheets... read more

Big Data and Supply Chain Finance

24th August 2015

Company: GT Nexus
Big data generated by complex supply chain activities can be harnessed and used to make funding decisions that help buyers and suppliers trade efficiently and effectively. The use of big data in this way has the capability to change how supply chains are financed. Today, supply chain finance decisions are made by assessing key figures from the... read more
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