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The interplay between data management and data governance - 15 Nov 2013

By Mark Johnson, Asset Control Recent research from Deloitte showed that 42 percent of firms do not monitor what is actually going on in their data management processes*. At the same time, 62 percent feel this is the biggest thing to improve in 2014. That 62 percent are right. Effective data management is fundamental to an effective... read more

Hybrid funds must tackle operational challenges - 08 Oct 2012

Company: Koger Inc.
by Ras Sipko The alternative investment industry has had to reinvent itself over the past few years following the financial crisis, which has resulted in the emergence of a number of hybrid schemes that make use of both hedge fund and private equity strategies. Hybrid funds are a response by managers to the challenges of striving to... read more

From the Device to the Server: Google Wallet Simplifies Approach to Mobile Payments - 22 Aug 2012

Earlier this month, Google announced that consumers would have the ability to enlist their own financial card information onto their Google Wallet instead of waiting for their bank to board their card credentials. This approach supports the ‘consumer centric’ model for mobile payments vs. having interested parties such as banks,... read more

Regulation and the Coming U.S. Election – Competitiveness as Alternatives Jurisdiction Hangs in the Balance - 22 Aug 2012

By Phil Niles, Director, Product Development, Butterfield Fulcrum The list of problems in the financial world seems extremely long at the moment. The most obvious issue is the European debt crisis, but we can safely add a slowing global economy, the pending U.S. “fiscal cliff”, and a host of other items to this... read more

HFT will have minimal impact in the FX space - 13 Jul 2012

According to Patrik Säfvenblad, Investment Partner at Harmonic Capital Partners, despite the industry-shaking, headline-making, flash-crashing repercussions in equities, the impact on FX markets will be more of a rolling thunder than a lightning strike, not at least in part due to the lessons learned from watching equities. Dan... read more

What Impact Does Dodd Frank Have on FX Trading? - 12 Jul 2012

Regulation has a significant impact on how businesses operate across the world, and no industry is more tightly regulated than the financial sector. In the wake of the financial crisis of 2008 regulators responded with a raft of new proposals intended to prevent a future economic collapse. By far the most broad reaching of these is the Dodd... read more

18 Swiss Banks Find a Haven in Dubai - 29 Feb 2012

Company: SAGE SA
Private exchanges and wealth management activities witnessed a substantial growth this past year, as exemplified by the recent expansion of a number of Swiss banking operations in the UAE. This has been due to the country being viewed as a viable alternative to Europe, with a total of 18 Swiss banks currently operating in the Emirates. Added... read more

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose - 23 Feb 2012

Company: Centralis Ltd
Consumerisation, cloud computing and virtualisation are transforming corporate networks, but for IT professionals tasked with managing this change, the underlying challenges remain the same as when the personal computing revolution first got underway. Ewen Anderson discusses why a well-known saying in France still rings true for IT... read more

Why Hedge Funds Need to Consider Spreadsheet Risk - 06 Feb 2012

Company: Koger Inc.
Risk undoubtedly plays a major factor in any business today, but for hedge funds in particular, with the complexity surrounding them, risk of any kind should sound alarm bells.One of the key operational risks that hedge funds face today is spreadsheet risk, which are still common practice but no longer viable in today’s operational environment... read more
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