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Social intelligence delivers better engagement with customers

27th April 2015

Company: Artisan Software
Trust in the financial services industry has been eroded and replaced by a general lack of interest which gives financial services companies an even bigger mountain to climb when rebuilding relationships with customers. A report from PwC last October found that while only 32% of people trusted their retail bank, just 11% had changed their current... read more

London fintech: is there space for finance gender equality?

27th April 2015

City AM have gone live with the first fintech powerlist that ranks the top 100 finance professionals that are making the biggest impact in London fintech right now, but only three women feature in the top 10. The almost real-time list is automatically updated every Monday at 8am and provides a short summary of the most important people in... read more

Capital markets study finds delays in connectivity lead to missed trading opportunities

24th April 2015

A recent study by integrated IT infrastructure company Colt, shows that 49 per cent of buy-side and sell-side traders in US, Europe and Asia believe that delays in connecting to new markets results in missed trading opportunities, which impacts client relationships and as a result causes them to lose clients. According to the study, which was... read more

Addressing the implications of MiFID II

24th April 2015

Company: RFA
There is a strong chance that by now, if you are a financial services firm trading in Europe, you will at least have started a plan which outlines how you will address the requirements of the EU legislation known as MiFID II - Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II - and its accompanying regulation, Markets in Financial Instruments... read more

UK trader accused of triggering Wall Street ‘flash crash’

23rd April 2015

A British trader was arrested and appeared in court yesterday accused of triggering the £500bn Wall Street flash crash. The trader, dubbed the ‘Hound of Hounslow’, helped to trigger the crash by massively manipulating financial markets from his London suburban home. US investigators say he played a vital role in the flash crash... read more

Harnessing the ‘Identity of Things’ to deliver a seamless customer experience

23rd April 2015

Company: ForgeRock
Identity plays a critical role in much of the compliance and privacy legislation governing the financial sector. Without a comprehensive strategy addressing it from both an internal and external perspective, many financial organisations would have no way to secure applications/things, enforce regulatory compliance, or monitor online user behavior... read more

Cyber security funding reaches $1 billion

22nd April 2015

For the first time ever, funding for cyber security start-ups reached $1.02bn in the first quarter, a figure which is up from $540m raised in the first three months of 2014 and double the amount for the same period last year. According to the FT, the recent attacks on big companies such as Sony and Home Depot are expected to encourage demand for... read more

Fixed income trading: a ‘perfect storm’ for technology?

22nd April 2015

Company: AxeTrading
The current fixed income trading environment is creating a ‘perfect storm’ for fixed income trading technology. The combined impact of regulation, record low interest rates, continued strong issuance, and fragmented liquidity is posing new challenges for fixed income traders. Technology is now being sought to provide many of the... read more

Making Enterprise Risk Management a Reality

21st April 2015

Many firms claim to have enterprise risk management frameworks, yet many have had problems with implementation and project effectiveness. In this article we consider the barriers to the implementation of an effective framework, some of the challenges and some of the solutions that should be considered. Why Enterprise Risk Management Frameworks... read more
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