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ClearScore start-up will make credit scores free for consumers

3rd July 2015

The UK’s first ever service giving consumers completely free access to their credit report and credit score begins beta testing today, and will be available to the UK public later this month. According to recent research  15 million people have never accessed their report and remain in the dark about their financial position, whilst... read more

The Driving Need for Analytics in a Big Data World

3rd July 2015

By definition, the commodities industry has always been a big data business. Physical trades that are hedged with financial derivatives create thousands of individual data points. And each of those data points represent multiple decisions to be made and perhaps reconsidered before the trade is eventually closed. Prices move, markets change, and... read more

EU investment banks face a decline in market share

3rd July 2015

The FT reports that the big six US investment banks all increased their market share during the first half of 2014, in comparison to their European (EU) rivals who faced a decline in this area. According to data from Thompson Reuters, JPMorgan Chase made $3.31bn from advising companies on mergers and acquisitions, loans and share sales. Goldman... read more

Changing ITC Infrastructure

2nd July 2015

Company: Bell Integration
Technology never stands still: there’s always an innovation waiting in the wings to become the latest buzz words for CIOs. This perpetual change means that the IT world is in a constant state of flux, with a conveyor belt of technologies appearing to improve performance. Whether you’re improving on existing capabilities or going about... read more

FATCA: What’s next on the horizon?

2nd July 2015

This week the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) celebrated its one year anniversary of coming into force. FATCA is a US regulation which requires foreign financial institutions (FFIs) to identify and report certain information to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regarding US accounts. When FATCA first came into effect on 1 July 2014,... read more

Big data and analytics, a business imperative for credit managers

1st July 2015

Company: Tinubu Square
Businesses are leveraging big data to transform their processes and inform their strategic planning. The transformation takes time to implement but its effect is significant, not least in the finance department, where the efficacy of systems based on multiple mixed ledgers has long been questioned and found wanting. The advantages of combining... read more

Securing financial data in an ever-expanding digital landscape

30th June 2015

Company: Brainloop
It was recently revealed that 18 percent of the six billion cyber attacks analysed in 2014 were targeted at the financial services sector. The 2014 Global Threat Intelligence Report by Solitary highlighted that the attacks are commonly coming in the shape of phishing and spear-phishing attacks. As well as the external threats highlighted... read more

Barclaycard unveils contactless wearable devices

30th June 2015

Barclaycard has unvelied three wearable devices that can be used to make transactions at 300,000 locations across the UK. The new contactless range consists of a wristband, key fob and sticker which bank customers will be able to use to make payments at high street shops and to make transactions in locations such as Transport for London. The... read more

Banks Must Streamline Trade Reporting to Cope With Expanding Regulations

29th June 2015

Company: Risk Focus, Inc.
For the first time in my 25+ year capital markets technology career, a group that traditionally has had the clunkiest systems and the smallest budget is suddenly in the spotlight – post-trade trade reporting. Historically, there was no P&L benefit to speeding up or radically improving post-trade reporting – once trades were... read more
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